Restaurant Projects


"I am writing this letter on behalf of James (Jim) Turner and Eric Wall of Construction Solutions Company. Before I go any further, I want to let you know that I do not take letters of reference lightly and I am only willing to write them when I feel the receiving party has earned them. Eric and Jim oversaw the construction of two Carl's Jr's that S-Sixteen built in the Idaho Falls area. In their roles they oversaw all contracting of contractors for the job, all change orders, all design changes for the tenants and most importantly they oversaw the schedule and construction of the restaurants. During both construction jobs I really enjoyed working with Eric and Jim. Not only were they very professional, but I appreciated the honesty with which they communicated with me during the construction. They also were able to work easily with the architect and other specific tenant suppliers. This made the flow of information easier for all of us which made both jobs go very smoothly. If I had other construction projects going on right now I would definitely be talking to Construction Solutions Company. You are reading this letter because you are considering them for your job. I would take a good hard look at them as you will not be sorry you hired them for your job site. Besides getting a very professional company you will be making some great friends."

Michael L. Simplot, President
S-Sixteen (Carl’s Jr.)